Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise is an important part of the healing process where more severe or long-term injuries are present...


Wooden figurine with back problems

If left to heal by themselves, severe injuries and trauma may change the way the body moves. This is because your body compensates for things it cannot do as before, so it is very important to address these issues early before they become default settings in the bodies programming!

Re-opening Pathways

knotted pathways with a clear way through emulating muscle-tissue

If a problem has gone untreated for a long time, then it can be much harder to re-open the original pathways, this is when massage is limited as a stand alone form of treatment as it can only dampen the newly over-active muscles but not restore the body to it's normal function!

Restoring Normal Function

Balance lunge stability exercise on wobble board

Together with targeted massage techniques, corrective exercise is used to reset the old patterns used by the body for correct functional movement. These exercises must be repeated regularly enough to take over from the dominant defective behaviour, and this can take time and commitment if left unchecked for too long.