Self Help

Whilst waiting for your appointment or simply as an on-going process to rehabilitation, as well as becoming self aware of your body's functional state, I have put together this page as a point of reference and a vehicle for self help.

Self Assessment

The following test exercises can be followed to help you to observe your body's basic structures in relation to strengths and weaknesses in providing you with efficient movement and range of motion.


As you perform them try to listen to your body and make notes of what you find easy or hard, what happens to your structures integrity, what feels tight, which movements give you pain or discomfort, and write it down to keep track.

Corrective Exercises

After making notes on the above tests you can then use them as stand alone generic exercises that will aid in strengthening and stabilising many of your body's structures. There are however a few alterations you will need to make to the tests which will make them more efficient as exercises, please follow the descriptions below...

Shoulder Wall Retractions

Preparing yourself as for the Shoulder Wall Slide with your bottom, shoulder blades and head against the wall, but this time start with your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height. Then withdraw your arms to the first position of the Shoulder Wall Slide with your hands at shoulder height and forearms against the wall or as far back as you can.

You can then return the arms out stretched in front of you and again withdraw them but slightly higher, followed by two more repetitions so that by the fourth repetition you have the arms stretched up straight above your head.

This cycle of four is "1 Repetition".


Points to watch out for as you perform the exercise:

Try to keep your bottom, shoulder blades, and head back to the wall without allowing the back to arch or the chin to lift, and as you bring back the arms to the wall keep the wrists straight.



Perform 3 - 5 repetitions and hold each arm withdrawal for 3 seconds and for 1 - 2 sets and repeat 2 - 3 times per day.


Wall Squat

This exercise can be performed virtually the same as in the Squat Depth test except for the arm position. Rather than crossing your arms over your chest, you can place you hands on top of your hips with your palms facing down as if squeezing your own sides between index finger and thumb.


Points to watch out for as you perform the exercise:

Try to keep your feet straight and parallel with each other, with your foot arches lifted and keep your knees in line with your toes.

Keep your back straight and your shoulders retracted and elbows back, and lastly keep your chin down.

A lot to remember, but then the squat is a very complex movement!



Perform 12 - 20 repetitions and hold each squat at your best depth for 3 seconds and for 1 - 2 sets and repeat 2 - 3 times per day.

For further self-help please visit my YouTube Channel, where you will find my Rehab-in-a-Box series of videos. Please clink the link below...